Brantlee Nettles Interior Design 


Brantlee’s been trying not to be a designer for much of her adult life, as her mother and grandmother were before her! But her genes – and her lifelong immersion in a family of artists, designers and home builders – finally won out.

As an employee of her mother’s design firm since age 15, Brantlee learned the ropes of owning a design business, including buying and selling furniture and running a wholesale art firm. Drawing on her hard-won experience in various design realms, and with the encouragement of her friends and family, she launched B.B. Nettles Interior Design, a comprehensive home services and design firm, in February 2014.

Best known for bold color expressions with a traditional twist, Brantlee’s decorating style has been described as welcoming, warm, eclectic, relaxed, fun and always with a touch of glamour. The rooms she’s created for clients in all walks of life evoke feelings. Whether your goal is calm and comforting or vivacious and lively, Brantlee can help you create the mood you’re seeking in your home. 

Aside from her natural design instincts, Brantlee has an innate talent for connecting people for collaboration, friendship and more. She currently lives in Holly Springs, NC, with her husband, 4 children and menagerie of pets.